ERin Meadows



Sewing has been an important skill that has been passed down from generations to generations in Erin's family. She was taught at a young age how to sew from her mother (who learned from her mother) and it has been from then on the that love of sewing, making and creating has never left. When her niece was born she was looking for fun and unique baby accessories and wasn't finding anything that stood out to her. So she decided to find some fabric and get to sewing. She hopes to continue to grow and create new and exciting things for Finne & Flora.

▲Finne & Flora▲

Established in 2014. The meaning to the shop name is grounded in Erin's Norwegian roots. Finne (fin-ah) means "find" in Norwegian and Flora is the world around us that inspires her on a daily basis. Whether that inspiration comes from a walk around the lake near her home or a trip back to her family farm, the world is full of delights.